The new speaker blamed the fall of Rome on homosexuality

New Speaker of the Home Mike Johnson, who will virtually definitely flip into Jim Jordan in the event you moist him or feed him after midnight, has an actual downside with gays. In reality, he believes homosexuality is so sinful, it has the distinctive energy to finish civilizations.

As Day by day Kos’s Laura Clawson not too long ago reported, Johnson as soon as labored with the infamous homosexual conversion group Exodus Worldwide on their annual Day of Fact occasion, a tragic injustice to the pro-LGBTQ and anti-bullying Day of Silence. As Clawson mentioned:Apparently the concept behind “Day of Fact” was: “Oh, are youngsters going to face as much as anti-LGBTQ+ bullying?” Properly, let’s manage a day to indicate that bullying is not going anyplace.

So that you see the place this man is coming from. CNN did a deep dive into Johnson’s previous work with Exodus Worldwide, and within the course of revealed a few of the unusual beliefs Johnson has espoused up to now, together with the concept that Rome has one way or the other fallen behind resulting from its permissive attitudes towards homosexuality.

In print, radio and tv, Johnson, a Louisiana Republican, has typically disparaged homosexuality, in response to a KFile overview. He referred to as for the criminalization of homosexual intercourse and went as far as to partially blame it for the autumn of the Roman Empire.

“The autumn of Rome is due not solely to society’s deprivation and lack of morality, but in addition to rampant gay habits that society has condoned,” Johnson informed a radio broadcaster in 2008.

After all, the concept that Rome fell due to homosexuality is downright ridiculous. The Roman state lasted as a republic or empire for over 1,000 years, and homosexuality was broadly accepted throughout most of that interval. However it took centuries for society to disintegrate.

For instance, because the lawyer wrote, after his beloved Antoninus died by drowning, Emperor Hadrian was mentioned to have “suffered nice grief on the loss of life of Antoninus, and elevated his departed lover to the rank of a god.” However he was not alone.

A number of different emperors have been reported to have had gay relationships, together with Trajan, Nero, and Julius Caesar. (Scottish creator Harry F.) Ray asserts that the majority of them did. “Of about 70 Roman emperors over 500 years, from Augustus to Romulus Augustulus, maybe just one, Claudius, is one who we are able to say with some certainty was upright,” he wrote.

In reality, Rome fell about 150 years after it transformed to Christianity, so it might be extra logical to say that Christianity retreated from Rome. Within the third century AD, as Rome ready for the rise of Titus, it truly sought to crack down on homosexuality.

Writing for the Historical past Information Community, Robert Frakes, The late Roman Empire started to reverse its beforehand permissive attitudes towards homosexual intercourse, famous the historical past professor at California State College, Bakersfield.

Whereas the primary three centuries of the empire witnessed no laws to our information relating to homosexuality, apart from the continuation of… Lex Scantina As evidenced by its quotation by Roman jurists, within the fourth century there can be dramatic new legal guidelines condemning male homosexuality. Most students interpret a twisted regulation from 342 AD to outlive in each the sixteenth and 18th centuries Theodosian Code And the Justinian’s code As a decree of Emperors Constantius II and Constantine that marriage based mostly on unnatural intercourse ought to be severely punished.


Why did this modification occur? The reply is pretty easy, and finally lies within the penalties of the actions of the well-known Roman Emperor Constantine. In 312, the daddy of Emperors Constantius II and Constantine had come into contact with Christianity as the idea of his energy. All through the subsequent twenty-five years of his reign, Constantine supported Christianity, supplied monetary help to the church, and imposed authorized sanctions on a few of the bishops’ powers. As his youngsters got here of age in an more and more Christian group, they and lots of of their advisors had grown up with the strictures of Scripture. Thus, Leviticus’s statements (18:22, 20:13) towards male homosexuality as an abomination punishable by loss of life within the eyes of God may logically have influenced the imperial regulation ebook.

Sadly, Johnson seems to have fallen prey to each affirmation bias and the put up hoc fallacy, which takes its title from the phrase “put up hoc, ergopropter hoc,” which as everyone knows is Latin for “Jesus Christ, mate.” Learn a fucking ebook.”

In different phrases, it might make sense for future historians to say that Western civilization turned indefensible after the Klondike stopped consuming the Choco Taco. It had nothing to do with local weather change and creeping fascism.

So Johnson isn’t just a bigot, he’s intellectually superficial and extremely dishonest as nicely. In different phrases, he is a Republican. Who thinks about unusual issues. And he acts on them.

Wait, what may go incorrect?

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